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Keep calm. You have a gift.

60-minute or 90-minute Massage Sessions

Treat yourself, or gift your friends and family, with a customized therapeutic session to help reduce stress and relieve any nagging pains. Generate instantly for immediate printout - pre-printed physical certificates also available upon request.

60-minute: $75.00                    60-minute + gratuity: $90.00

90-minute: $105.00                  90-minute + gratuity: $125.00

Massage 5-Pack: Buy FIVE sessions and save!

Make massage a regular part of your lifestyle with this package from KTP Healing. Purchase FIVE 60-minute or 90-minute massage therapy sessions, and receive each visit at a discounted rate. 

60-minute Massage 5-Pack: $300.00

90-minute Massage 5-Pack: $450.00

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